Official Website (P856) value constraint
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Victor Villas Bôas Chaves
2018-09-26 19:22:30 UTC
Hi there!

Do you people think that https?://(\S+\.)+\S+(/\S*)?<https://regex101.com/?regex=https?://(\S+\.)+\S+(/\S*)?> can be improved? I think it can.

For instance, why require the protocol spec? For most use case scenarios (just clicking it), it's not useful. Arguably, it's not part of the website.

Also, the regex is lax. That's not a big issue, but a more strict one could prevent duplicate urls from being added by bots and data imports. Aside from the http/s discussion, constraints like these:

- warn against urls ending in /
- warn against uppercase

would help data imports from external databases or general batch edits with bots to avoid adding duplicate values.