[Wikidata] Scribe: A project to support under-resourced Wikipedia editors
Lucie Kaffee
2018-11-26 13:20:32 UTC
Hello everyone,

One of the main problems of under-resourced Wikipedias is the lack of
content in their languages. We want to tackle this problem by supporting
editors in creating more content in their languages easily.

We are working on a tool to support editors in creating new articles. The
editing tool (Scribe) will display a structure of the new article and
references (with their most important points) for each section, supported
by the information on Wikidata. The project is based on recent research in
document planning, reference discovery and collection, and document
summarization. One of the emphasizes of our project is to keep the
community involved in every step of the development to ensure that we are
serving their needs.

We are currently applying for a Wikimedia project grant and would like to
hear your feedback:

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Lucie-Aimée Kaffee