Illuminati Data Mining, Gotha Nov. 16/17
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Olaf Simons
2018-11-05 09:39:32 UTC
Dear Wikidata list,

our Illuminati-budget is still not yet exhausted. Let me send out a second call for our workshop next week:

We are planning to use our upcoming yearly Illuminati-Workshop at the Gotha Research Centre to get a better idea of the database we have created in the past months at


We can offer grants for travel expenses (in central Europe) and accommodation in Gotha - and will give you insight into the present state of research into the real Illuminati, those of the 1770s and 1780s.

We are looking for creative ideas of what to do with our wikibase installation (you can see some sample queries here: https://database.factgrid.de/wiki/Sample_queries).

* How would we best connect our database to Wikidata?
* What intriguing visualizations could we offer?
* What searches would be possible?
* What should we do with our old media wiki (https://projekte.uni-erfurt.de/illuminaten/Main_Page)? - a site which is presently still far more valuable with its transcripts of and commentary on documents (we would love to migrate all its content into the new database).
* How would we organise a crowd sourced project on the new database?

The workshop will begin on Friday 16, 9:am with scholarly talks for those interested. We will open the data mining section in the early afternoon and give here an introduction into

* our database,
* our data and
* the history and structures of the Order (which we would love to better explore with the database).

The data miners would have the ensuing afternoon and early evening and part of Saturday morning for exploration. We would eat out together and exchange views again on Saturday morning.

Here our German program with Google translation: https://blog.factgrid.de/archives/1151

Contact ***@pierre-marteau.com during the next three days to make reservations.

Looking forward to the event,

Dr. Olaf Simons
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